Focus On : Valves, Actuators and Positioners

valves and actuators

Advances in control valves, valve actuators and positioners are changing the shape of industrial automation and control for plant engineers.

Examples include: a digital valve controller (electronic positioner) with automated diagnostics; and a wireless plug-in for accessing valve maintenance data even on plants running with older 4—20mA control systems. Then there are: new packings and seals, to reduce fugitive emissions; improved valve trims, for plant noise reduction and increased valve life; and valve controllers with contactless feedback, cutting out mechanical actuator linkages and, again, improving maintenance-free control valve life expectancy.

Plant Engineer's coverage of valves, actuators and positioners includes even a lowly butterfly valve now turned from shut off valve into rotary control valve with ball valve or globe valve performance.


Expanded valve portfolio

Eaton has announced the advancement of its AxisPro industrial valve ...
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Fit-and-forget actuator

The Grob Linear Chain actuator from R.A. Rodriguez is a hugely popular ...
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Pneumatic valve island

The automation of manufacturing processes using pneumatic control has ...
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Re-engineering valves

The diaphragm valve provides an economical control solution for many ...
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High performance actuator

INMOCO, the motion control specialist, has introduced new electric servo ...
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LNG valves for the Arctic

IMI Critical Engineering has clinched several major contracts for one of ...
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Power grab

Managing your factory's energy usage effectively can pay real dividends in ...
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Taking control

Control valves – and specifically their actuator and positioner systems – ...
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Pole position

Although control valve, actuator and positioner technologies develop only ...
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Control Revisited

Control valves, actuators and positioners aren't renowned for rapid ...
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