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Stratasys additive manufacturing at the heart of digital rail maintenance centre

Siemens Mobility GmbH, part of Siemens AG, has opened its first digital rail maintenance centre – the Siemens Mobility RRX Rail Service Center. Located in Dortmund-Eving, Germany, the new maintenance depot offers the highest level of digitalization in the rail industry, with advanced FDM 3D printing from Stratasys at the heart of the depot’s servicing ... » Read More


Low-cost Igus assembly robot

An Igus three-axis assembly robot for pick-and-place applications is now ...
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New partner for Bowman's ETCs

Bowman Power Group has signed an agreement for CooperÖstlund to be its ...
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Laser disperses bird pests

Turret-mounted lasers that deter birds have found to reduce crop losses ...
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Fluor and IBM's big data task

Fluor Corp of the USA and IBM are working together to implement artificial ...
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Castrol next-gen gear oils

Lubricants company Castrol has launched an innovative gear oil to help ...
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EEF H&S learning tool

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, will launch a new, innovative ...
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Improving safety through connectivity in gas detection

Honeywell explains how introducing a greater level of connectivity into gas detection can help optimise safety and improve productivity

In a range of facilities from manufacturing plants to oil refineries, gas detectors are the first line of defence for protecting the facilities and the people inside them from exposure to hazardous gases. ...
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PMS motors deliver

The treatment of water and wastewater is an essential task to protect water resources and reduce our impact on the environment. However, the energy consumed in carrying out such treatment processes also have an impact on the ...
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Getting smart

Mark Venables speaks to Conal Brown, technical consultant at ABB, about how being smart allows maintenance of machinery to be carried out in a cheaper, faster and more effective way to enhance the bottom line
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Why monitor dust?

Airborne particulates in any industrial operation can have serious health effects for workers, making effective monitoring a vital tool, as Mark Venables discovers
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